How To Cook A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recently, I received an email from a visitor who asked a very simple question:

What is your favorite method to cook grilled cheese sandwiches?

I wanted to reply right away but I did not know how to quickly answer the question. There is not an easy way to do so.

The common method is of course grilling, hence the reason the sandwich is called a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of trying to explain how to grill a grilled cheese sandwich, why not have Laura Werlin, an expert, explain?

Ever since I viewed this video and put Ms. Werlin’s method to the test, I have tried to follow her every suggestion. In my opinion, this method is one of the best with the outcomes working out amazingly. I have even upgraded my cookware to make sure that the browning process truly works.

An example of Ms. Werlin's grilled cheese method working perfectly. Looks good, eh?

However, grilling does not always work. Imagine me trying to grill the top and bottom of my most recent sandwich, the open faced pizza grilled cheese. Granted, I have used grilling for most of my sandwiches, but baking does sneak in here and there. The Sweetened Grapes and Brie Grilled Cheese received an A for amazing taste but it was baked, not grilled.

And why did I choose to bake that sandwich?

The bread.

When I originally set out to write this entry, I was planning on stating that the cooking method of a grilled cheese varies from sandwich to sandwich. However, I could not say why. After going back through my previous sandwiches, to see which were baked and which were grilled, I realized that the bread is the deciding factor when choosing a cooking method.

The pizza grilled cheese was baked because it was open faced, only had one slice of bread. The Grape & Brie sandwich was placed in the oven because the bread was delicate and could have fallen apart when grilled. My Cauliflower & Broccoli grilled cheese was baked because the ciabatta bread would never brown on a grill. On the other hand, my Sourdough Crusted Grilled Cheese was grilled because of the browning required to make this sandwich work. As evidenced by the photo above, if the sandwich was not browned, it would not be nearly as good as it was.

Therefore, in the course of one blog entry, I have come to a conclusion: When you choose the bread for a grilled cheese sandwich, you choose the cooking method as well. Yes, the ingredients contained within those two pieces of bread are also deciding factors. You can’t discount them. They do matter. It is just the bread is what people see first, not the ingredients, so if you want your grilled cheese to have that perfect brown color, you go with grilling. If you have a bread that is more curvy and should stay the way it is prior to cooking, you go with baking.

Now, I have answered the age old question of, “What is your favorite method to cook grilled cheese sandwiches?” Do you agree? Do you have advice for the novice grilled cheese sandwich maker? Anything else to add? If so, please leave a comment below.

Thanks to Panini Kathy and Rachel J for suggesting a panini or George Foreman grill. Both would be fantastic choices. I simply forgot about them because I do not own either type (even though I should!).

4 thoughts on “How To Cook A Grilled Cheese Sandwich”

  • Being a mega-grilled cheese fan, I love this post and its wisdom. Bread = cooking method. Also, a George Foreman grill as a fast and less fatty method for grilling up some cheeses.

  • Thanks Kathy and Rachel! Since I do not own a panini or George Foreman grill, I totally forgot about them! Both would be great, yummy choices. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Smart words. I use a ribbed grill pan as my first choice, and a cast iron skillet as my second. Though in the summer there is nothing quite so good a grilled cheese cooked outside on the grill! GREG

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