Mushroom and Onions Sliders

Mushroom and Onions Sliders

Before discussing tonight’s sandwich, I must first explain tonight’s subject and why in fact I love white, square dishes. Ever since I have started creating a new grilled cheese each and every Sunday night, I have been using coral dishes that can be seen in most, if not all, of my photos. They are great and have worked well for as long as we have had them. However, I have always had a thing for really plain, white, square dishes. Maybe it is the designer in me, or maybe it is just that I have seen what real chefs have done with them and loved it, I do not know. Either way, last Friday night, I picked up some new white square dishes at Kohls and couldn’t be happier. You will be able to see photos of the dishes with the final grilled cheese as I did not take photos of the dishes only. Bad, Shane, bad. Now, onto, the mushroom and onions sliders.


  • Slider Whole Wheat Bread
  • Cocino Selecta Queso Quesadilla Cheese
  • Mushroom and Onions

Mushroom and Onions Sliders Ingredients: Cocino Selecta Queso Quesadilla Cheese

the cheese: queso quesadilla

Every Sunday I travel down the street to the same market to search for ingredients for that night’s Sunday Dinners/grilled cheese. Lately, I have felt like I have exhausted all of the ingredients they have to offer for my grilled cheese sandwiches. That is the reason that two weeks ago, I purchased my bread at another local place. This week however, I found a section of the cheese department that I had overlooked: Mexican type cheeses. I am very glad that I finally found them because this particular cheese was awesome.

This soft, smooth cow’s milk cheese has a mild, creamy flavor and somewhat elastic texture. The white cheese is a family favorite for snacking and melting into savory dishes and quesadillas. A variety called Queso Jalapeno has bits of jalapenos mixed into the paste for an extra zesty flavor…learn more about Mexico and The Caribbean cheeses.

The version that I purchased today did not have the jalapenos mixed in, although it did not need it. Once it was melted on the grilled cheese, it seemed to have a great taste and kick to it. Overall, I agree completely with’s description. It was very creamy, soft and yummy. I could definitely taste the Mexican influence. If you can find this cheese at your local market or grocery store, I would highly recommend trying it.

Mushroom and Onions Sliders Ingredients: Slider Whole Wheat Bread


Mushroom and Onions Sliders Ingredients: Mushroom and Onions

Sliders. They seem to be everywhere, Burger King, Steak ‘N Shake and White Castle, among other places. Now they are on my Sunday Dinners dinner dish. And they are yummy. Sure, they are tiny, but they are mini-sandwiches which you can eat many of in one sitting. Nothing wrong with that. Yum!

Mushroom and Onions Sliders

As already stated, tonight’s cheese was awesome. It had a great taste and texture that was perfect for tonight’s grilled cheese. However, I did not make enough of the mushroom and onions mixture, and therefore I thought the grilled cheese was missing something. If I had just a little bit more to spread over the six sliders, I think the sandwich would have been greatly improved. Plus, I over-salted the mushroom onions mixture, which was my mistake but definitely something I have learned from.

Mushroom and Onions Sliders

Before my in closing paragraph, I must give a shout out to the cook of our side dish. Today, I was out with the folks and we stopped by this new restaurant called go! Bistro, which just opened in December. I was unsure what I wanted for lunch, side dish or sandwich or maybe nothing. (I had a few pieces of pizza at my nephew’s 3rd birthday party around noon. Happy Birthday, Nate!) I walked in and the people could not have been nicer. They were especially kind in making sure that my Tuna Tarragon sandwich was cooked exactly how I wanted it, like a tuna melt sandwich. I only ate half of the sandwich, but it was awesome and I will be taking the other half for lunch tomorrow. [Update: Unfortunately, they have since gone out of business.]

Anyway, homemade kettle chips came with the sandwich and although they were salty, which in this case was good, they were amazing and a perfect complement to tonight’s grilled cheese. I think I may have liked them better than my sandwich. They were that good. If you are ever on the east side of Cleveland, make sure to stop by go! Bistro.

the grilled cheese:

[metaslider id=8115]

mushroom and onions sliders: B+

This grilled cheese was good but not great. As I already wrote, the grilled cheese needed something, some more mushroom and onions would be great, or maybe less salt. The slider idea was great, as were the new dishes and Mexican cheese, but all in all, it wasn’t perfect. I would definitely make it again, and try and improve, but next week, it is on to a new and better recipe.

ingredients were purchased at…

5 thoughts on “Mushroom and Onions Sliders”

  • Sounds good! I wonder, with the Mexican cheese, if perhaps some roasted peppers and some guac (added after the grilling, of course) might not be a nice nod to Mexico. Or maybe some chile verde? The mushrooms sound like a good addition; sorry you ran out. That happens to me a lot; I am not the best planner in the world. 🙂

  • The square plates make this complete. Looks incredible! I’m drooling over my keyboard. 😉

  • I have to say, these look fantastic. I know you said they were just “good,” but perhaps you’re being a little hard on yourself. Reading this makes me want one of these little guys right now.

    Don’t give up on me Shane, I will make your grilled cheese – in fact, maybe it’ll even be this one. I’ll give you a heads up when I make it 🙂

  • @ Jenni: You make some great suggestions! The Mexican cheese was somewhat of a last minute decision so somehow I did not think of other Mexican ingredients such as roasted red peppers or guac, both of which would work perfectly! If I use this cheese again, I will definitely have to try some Mexican ingredients.

    @ Danielle: I am glad you like the dishes! I am a big fan of them as well!

    @ Allison: I will be the first to admit that I am hard on myself, but this time it just seemed like something was missing. My dad thought it was great, maybe a little salty, but still good so maybe it just was me! Who knows?!

    Please do make a grilled cheese sandwich. I really want to see how you take what I have done and put your own, great spin on it. Please keep me posted! 🙂

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