I Think Today Is Mother’s Day

I Think Today Is Mother’s Day

I hear that today is Mother’s Day and as a son, I should be doing something special for my mother. That is the yearly ritual, right? As if I don’t appreciate my mom the other 364 days of the year, today I am supposed to make sure I display it overtly so all can see. There are cards/e-cards and gift certificates flowing with customer stricken stores reveling in the new foot traffic.

Even though I have, with the assistance of my sis, purchased a gift for my mom, I thought I would honor her in a different way. Each and every week, except for today, it is Mother’s Day afterall, she turns into my sous chef and assists with my grilled cheese sandwich creations. Every good chef must have an awesome sous chef, and in this case, she may be better than the “chef.” Each week she cuts the thick, crusty bread as I sit there taking 50 pictures of one of our many ingredients. She uses her hands as oven mitts as mine stay far away from anything hot. She is my right hand man (or woman), assisting at every turn. Now don’t get thinking that I just sit around and play photographer, I do actually do some cooking. However, if Miss Sous Chef was not around you would not be seeing the awesome grilled cheese sandwiches that I have created thus far. So please, join me in saying thank you and Happy Mother’s Day, Sous Chef.

And oh yeah, my mom is the one who has cooked grilled cheese sandwiches for as long as I can remember. If it weren’t for her, I would never have fallen in love with the grilled cheese sandwich and then this blog/site would not exist. How sad would that be?!

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