Kokoborrego Cheese’s Headwaters Tomme

Kokoborrego Cheese’s Headwaters Tomme

I am sorry, Internets.

I am sorry that I bought this delicious cheese, Kokoborrego Cheese Company’s Headwaters Tomme, and made a grilled cheese sandwich weeks ago but am just now writing about it. Life seems to have delayed this post, as well as my laziness, and for that I apologize.

Kokoborrego Cheese's Headwaters Tomme

Unfortunately, with the delay, I have lost most of what I remember about this delicious cheese (and it is all gone). I purchased the Headwaters Tomme at the Shaker Square’s Farmer’s Market from a very friendly employee of the Kokoborrego Cheese Company. He allowed me to try all the cheeses they were selling that Saturday morning, spending time to explain what each cheese was and how they were made.

Based on taste and what I thought I would make a great grilled cheese, plus the uniqueness of the ash, I decided on the Headwaters Tomme…

Aged 3-4 months, this cow’s milk cheese has a “river” of [vegetarian] ash through the center which adds a distinctive look and sharp flavor. This cheese has a well rounded buttery flavor, with slight acidic notes.

The gentleman informed me that they were trying to make their own version of a Parmesan, but they ended up veering off the path and instead created this. I am glad they didn’t simply make their own version of Parmesan, as this cheese, from what I can remember, was unique and very tasty. It took a lot to make a grilled cheese, but it was worth it.

Kokoborrego Cheese's Headwaters Tomme Grilled Cheese

Kokoborrego Cheese's Headwaters Tomme Grilled Cheese

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