Garden Grilled Cheese

Garden Grilled Cheese

Before I update everyone on tonight’s Sunday Dinner, I must play catch-up one more time and write about the yummy grilled cheese I cooked on January 18, 2009. So far, it was probably the best sandwich I have created for Sunday Dinners.


  • Brie Cheese
  • Goat Cheese
  • Apple Slices
  • Sliced Tomato
  • White Fancy Bread That I Forget the Name of

Brie and apple is a pretty standard combination and translated very well to a grilled cheese sandwich. Add in the tomato and you have a great sandwich. The main problem that I had with the grilled cheese was the amount of goat cheese that I used. At times it overpowered the sandwich when it wasn’t meant to be the main ingredient. The brie was was the star, and unfortunately, it took a back seat.

The bread choices for all of the grilled cheeses, have worked perfectly, including for this sandwich. With the help of my sous chef, we have worked out a method to get the bread crunchy and the cheese perfectly melted. Unless we choose a really off-the-wall bread, I do not see it bringing down the overall taste of the grilled cheese.

Next time, if I were to remake this grilled cheese, I would do my best to only put a very thin layer of goat cheese so that it acted as a supporting ingredient instead of the star. If I am able to do it correctly, this would be an even better sandwich than it already was.

the grilled cheese:

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With each sandwich that I have cooked, my technique and recipes have only improved. I have to be happy with this.

garden grilled cheese: A-

This grilled cheese was great and definitely one that I hope to remake in the future. However, the fact that I overdid the amount of goat cheese, which in turn overpowered the grilled cheese and the brie in particular, forces me to knock the grade down from perfect to almost perfect.

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1 thought on “Garden Grilled Cheese”

  • This would have been a 5 star from me had it not been for the apple slices. BUT I think after an up-close and inter-digestional investigation, I might upgrade my vote to 5 stars!

    YAY for goat cheese!

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