Lou Bergier Pichin & Rustico Red Pepper Cheeses

Longer ago than I would like to admit, I was at my local Whole Foods shopping, when I stumbled upon the Tepin Chile. I love chiles and heat, as much as my body can take, but I had never heard of a Tepin Chile. Normally, the story would end there but then I discovered the […]

Royal Cheddar Grilled Cheese

“Royal Cheddar” Grilled Cheese

Recently, I received an email from Whole Foods PR department with the subject of “A cheese worthy of a prince – Royal Addition One-Year-Old Cheddar at Whole Foods Market”. As usual, I just thought it was spam/a come on and nothing really worth reading. Out of pure curiosity, I skimmed the email and that is […]

GrilledShane Caricature

GrilledShane Promotional Recap Blowout + News

Hello all! If you haven’t been following GrilledShane on Facebook (and Twitter) then you have been missing out on all of my appearances promoting my cookbook, Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese. And possibly may have felt abandoned. I greatly apologize. However, I am here to update you on all my comings and goings […]