Roasted Poblano Grilled Cheese

Roasted Poblano Grilled Cheese

I have been a fan of Kerrygold cheese for as long as I can remember. Their sharp Cheddars and Dubliner are simply fantastic and up there with some of the best cheeses around. With that being said, I was extremely excited when I received an email asking if I would like to be a part […]

Grilled Cheese Academy's "The Athena"

Grilled Cheese Academy’s “The Athena”

Have you visited The Grilled Cheese Academy, yet? If not, I am not really sure what you are waiting for. Included in this site are 30 unique grilled cheese sandwich recipes with stunning photography. (It doesn’t hurt that Pam from The Office does the voiceovers.) I implore you, go now. I will wait…….yes, I meant […]

Halloumi & Portobello Grilled Cheese

Halloumi & Portobello Grilled Cheese

Normally, this is where I talk about this grilled cheeses cheese (Halloumi) but this week is special and I must first give an update on my life. I don’t write too much about my personal life and instead focus only on my grilled cheese sandwiches. I would like to change that with tonight’s update. Not […]

Tofu Grilled Cheese

Tofu Grilled Cheese (aka The Meagan)

I must start out this entry with a massive thank you to my friend Meagan. After a lackluster Tofu: Round 1, she suggested how to cook tofu and create a grilled cheese sandwich. I took her advice and and because of her recipe, I created/cooked an awesome grilled cheese. It was delicious, even if my […]

BBQ Grilled Cheese

BBQ Sauce Grilled Cheese

Even with a week off, trying to think of a grilled cheese idea for tonight was somewhat difficult. I hope that in the future the ideas come a little easier. I will be off next week it is my dad’s birthday and we will be going out to dinner. I do have an idea for […]