Grilled Cheese Academy! Wisconsin Cheese Blog!
Contest! Prizes!

Readers, I have some great news for both myself and you: a guest blog and a contest with great prizes. Are you excited? You should be. Read on for all the details. Wisconsin Cheese has a new blog,, and I am their first guest blogger with an entry about the Grilled Cheese Academy’s The […]

Grilled Cheese Academy's "The Athena"

Grilled Cheese Academy’s “The Athena”

Have you visited The Grilled Cheese Academy, yet? If not, I am not really sure what you are waiting for. Included in this site are 30 unique grilled cheese sandwich recipes with stunning photography. (It doesn’t hurt that Pam from The Office does the voiceovers.) I implore you, go now. I will wait…….yes, I meant […]