Local Lunch: Mackenzie Creamery Sweet Fire Chevre

Local Lunch: Mackenzie Creamery Sweet Fire Chèvre

Hopefully you enjoyed the Series, Free Lunch, in which I highlighted cheeses I received from both Kerrygold (Blarney Castle & Dubliner) and Cabot (Chipotle & Private Stock Cheddar). I thoroughly enjoyed researching the various cheeses and of course tasting them. Each cheese had its own unique flavor and texture creating a final product that was […]

Chevremousse - Whipped Goat Cheese

Chevremousse – Whipped Goat Cheese

Yesterday, I had no plans to make a grilled cheese. No plans to buy any special cheeses. No plans to make a special grilled cheese sandwich. That was until I stopped at Heinen’s to pick up some bagels so I could have an egg/cheese/bagel sandwich for lunch. In their cheese department, they had Beemster cheese […]