Welcome to the all new grilledshane.com

Welcome to the all new grilledshane.com

I am finally ready to unveil the all new grilledshane.com, a continuation and improvement on the imagine a different world of grilled cheese blog. Ever since my friend Kyle gave me the nickname of grilledshane, I had been pondering moving the blog to grilledshane.com but never pulled the trigger. Now, thanks to HostRocket.com and their great tech support employee Don (thanks Don!), I moved the complete blog with minimal issue or confusion. And I of course, updated the design.

imagine a different world of grilled cheese morphed into a grilled cheese blog after various directions of interest. The blog never truly had a direct focus on only grilled cheese sandwiches. However, with the launch of grilledshane.com, I hope to hone in on my passion of grilled cheese sandwiches with more articles, recipes and all things grilled cheese.

One new addition to the blog will be entries dedicated to individual types of cheese that I use in my recipes. For example, my most recent sandwich was the Spicy Roasted Grilled cheese, featuring Muenster and Santa Teresa. Not only do I write about these cheeses within the sandwich entry, I now expand on said knowledge in separate entries. I hope to review each sandwich and extract the cheese information creating individual entries. That will definitely take some time. I want to learn as much as I can about cheese while also teaching all of you.

The hiatus is officially over, but please be patient with me in regards to new recipes and grilled cheese sandwiches. It is a busy time of year, but I do hope to get back creating grilled cheeses very soon.

Please let me know what you think of the new domain and design. As I have said many times over the years, thanks so much for being a GrilledShane supporter, it is much appreciated.

P.S. Why not check in on some new blog entries while you are here?

In honor of the new domain, I have gone ahead and created a NEW Facebook page for the blog. Please make sure to “like” the new page as I will eventually be deleting the old one.

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  • I think moving to grilledshane.com is a great development for you Shane and the design looks great, especially that banner photo. Best of luck with continuing your grilled cheese mission!

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