The Internet and Grilled Cheese

The Internet and Grilled Cheese

I am very disappointed in the Internet. Very, very disappointed. In a search for other grilled cheese related blogs, I did a search using Google BlogSearch, hoping to find other sites promoting all things grilled cheese. If my Sunday Dinner idea is going to take off beyond just my core group of real friends and Facebook friends, I am going to have to promote it somehow, right?

Google BlogSearch Results: Grilled Cheese

When I first saw the results on Google, I had thought I had found some great sites devoted to grilled cheese. There is even a user on Flickr called Grilled Cheese. What could be better right?


This is the most recent image from Flickr user “Grilled Cheese:”

RIP Beverly Eckert

As far as I can tell, that image has nothing to do with Grilled Cheese. What do you think?

Time to move on.

Let’s skip over for now. Don’t worry though, I will come back to it. Next result is That sounds promising and possibly a great sandwich. However, it appears that this person has no interest in discussing grilled cheese, pickles or grilled cheese with pickles. Instead, they are concerning themselves with: Heidi, do you like my new picture? I have no idea who Heidi is nor do I know if she likes grilled cheese. The only thing that is for certain is that image does not contain a grilled cheese sandwich.

Coffee and Grilled Cheese sounds like a great blog title and a great meal. Sure, I don’t drink coffee, but I am sure many people enjoy a nice cup of coffee with their grilled cheese. That is fine with me. However, as has been the trend, nowhere in this blog does the author mention grilled cheese. The first post discusses something that is very timely and very sad, but it has nothing to do with grilled cheese.

Finally, we have and, These both seem to be very similar sites that are written by the same person except they have different content. Wow, two sites about grilled cheese? Yes! Except neither one has been updated since April, 2008! D’oh!

Yes, there are many cooking sites out there that have grilled cheese recipes. There are even plenty of random sites that have grilled cheese recipes. However, as it appears, according to Google BlogSearch, not many sites are devoted to all things grilled cheese.

I think it is time for the torch to be passed onto me. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Internet and Grilled Cheese”

  • You can be a grilled cheese pioneer!! One day they’ll name a grilled cheese sandwich after you!!

  • I’m not going to lie. this is amazing. but why grilled cheese? why not patty melts? hah. there’s some restaurants up here in chicago that have some pretty exotic grilled cheese sandwiches. i’ll try to find out more.

  • Hey Matt, great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. Hope everything is going well in Chicago!

    Why grilled cheese? Well, with being Jewish and keeping Kosher, they are very versatile and allow me to keep my diet. Plus, I have always loved grilled cheese sandwiches!

    Definitely let me know about the restaurants in Chicago that serve grilled cheese. I would love to see what they have come up with!

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