The grass is greener.

The grass is greener.

On this blog, I hardly ever post about my life outside the grilled cheese sandwich. My job and personal life are only mentioned if they are involved in a larger story regarding the grilled cheese (such as a book signing). I purposefully keep my work life separate. I have my grilled cheese interest and everything else.

However, if I may borrow a couple minutes of your day to speak about my personal life, that would be greatly appreciated.

I went to college for digital design, thinking I would follow that major into a career. I did. For four years. And then I decided that I wanted to throw away everything I learned and go into the restaurant business. Multiple people tried to talk me out of it, telling me I was crazy and I should stay at my desk job. I didn’t listen. I believed the grass was greener on the other side and I went full force.

Thankfully, in the past year, the grass has truly been greener. At work, which I still won’t name, a mentor, my boss, has truly taken me under her wing and I have moved up the ranks in a somewhat quick manner. With better titles, comes more responsibility and with more responsibility comes stress/worrying. I am my biggest critic. At this point, my boss doesn’t have to say too much to me as she knows I will already be thinking, “damn it, why did I do ____?”.

Since the responsibilities and stress has increased, and I have become a cookbook author, I have begun to think about the other, other side, where that grass could be even greener than the side I am on. In recent years, with my dream to own my own restaurant, I have wanted to be my own boss; answer to me and only me. I believe that if I am my own boss, life would be a little less stressful, or simply, I wouldn’t need to worry about my boss yelling at me as I would be my boss. It sounds like a dream come true.

Now that I am a cookbook author and still have the blog, I would love if I could turn all of that into a full-time job. I would be able to set my own hours, working when I wanted and doing what I wanted. Cooking grilled cheese sandwiches on a more regular basis and blogging about it sounds amazing. Heck, doing a second grilled cheese cookbook, at some point down the road, sounds pretty awesome as well.

The only problem is, at this point in time, I make no money off the blog. And yes, the book is selling well, but with my appetite, the income couldn’t feed me for more than a day or two. Haha. However, I still dream about the day that I am my own boss and am able to simply blog 24×7. Or maybe even have a pop-up grilled cheese restaurant……..

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