The First Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese Contest

The First <em>Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese</em> Contest

Now that I have received my copies of Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese (and many of you have as well), I figure it is time to give away a free, signed, copy of the book. Now is as as good of a time as any, right?

I was trying to think of a great contest; something other than simply leave a comment or tell me your favorite grilled cheese recipe. I wanted something better than that. I have thought of something better.

My plan has always been to give away two copies of the book. Therefore, I am asking all of you to come up with a great online contest for me to give away the second copy of Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese and leave your idea in the comments. The person with the best contest, will receive the first, free, signed copy of this awesome cookbook.


  • Create an online contest to give away the second free, signed copy of Melt and leave it in the comments below.
  • Contest runs until Monday, October 29 @ 11:59 PM ET.
  • If there are 5 or less entries by Monday, October 22 @ 6 PM ET, I will come up with a new contest and will still give away two, signed copies.
  • Anyone in US/Canada is open to enter.
  • Winner receives one (1) copy of Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese, personalized and signed by yours truly.
Get thinking!


10 thoughts on “The First Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese Contest”

  • Twitter contests
    •Send people on a scavenger hunt through a particular website (Yours) to find something hidden
    ?For example, you could ask, “where is Mackenzie Creamery located?”
    •The contest judge accepts tweets with real, creative, or funny answers.
    •The winner is selected randomly amongst those that got the right answer in 24 hours.

    Why I like this idea

    •It’s fun and game-like
    •People get even more engaged in a website and might find some hidden gems
    •You have 24 hours to play, and you don’t have to be “quick on the draw”

  • how awesome! I think the contest should be on the most extreme kind of grilled cheese story, you know, the best, worst, weirdest, craziest, and/or smartest grilled cheese idea! I think I’ve got one to tell~

  • How about grilled cheese ideas that people have always wanted to see, ya know, an idea of “boy, I bet if you put this and this together it would make an awesome grilled cheese”. Then, your second book could be all those ideas brought to life!!

  • Why not hold a referral contest – have people refer their friends to your Facebook page, and be sure their friends tell you who referred them. The person with the most referrals at the end wins! 🙂

  • This is not an original idea, but I love it. Have people write a haiku (or other short poem form) lauding the grilled cheese sandwich. Pick the most creative/funniest haiku as the winner:)

  • Have a contest where people make a 30 second videos of their favorite grilled cheese recipe from grilledshane. As simple as a webcam video talking about how much they love grilled cheese as complex as a walk through of how they make it. Encourage people to show how they are grilledcheese masters or how they can be sometimes fail. New recipe ideas permitted!

    Best video wins a book!
    You could later edit the videos together for a book promo!
    Youtube channel
    FB/TW content

  • Contest Ideas:

    Cheesiest Quotes about your book?
    Cheesiest lines about grilled cheese love?
    Best photo of a homemade grilled cheese from a fan?
    Best Cheesy Halloween costume (timing appropriate?)
    Best recreation of one of your recipes from the book????

    Thats my 2 cents.


  • Have them set up a guerilla marketing campaign, and judge the best one. They can post posters around their cities advertising your book, or do some other kind of things like making grilled cheese bites and handing them out with a card about your book. Even something as simple as flyers under windshield wipers.

  • Ever tried grilled Asiago Fresco cheese from Sam’s Club on french bread toasted golden brown. Its from italy and it is about 8 bucks a pound. Are you planning another book, grilled cheese cooking or perhaps a fun offbeat cooking show? Have you tried the truffle cheese from Trader Joes? It is yummy as a mac n cheese sauce.

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