Some Housekeeping/Self-Promotion Stuff

Some Housekeeping/Self-Promotion Stuff
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Well, I have gone to the dark side; I have finally joined twitter. Sure I am not really sure how it works, or how often I will use it, but I thought I could promote imagine on it. If you are already a member, feel free to follow me or you can read my tweets in the far sidebar. I hope to give people a preview into my grilled cheese thoughts and what sandwich I will create next.

In addition to twitter, I have also created a “fan page” on facebook, where you can become a fan of imagine a different world of grilled cheese. I have uploaded the page with past photos and specific blog entry links. I hope to include original content on facebook so become a fan and check back often!

This Sunday is my father’s birthday (happy birthday dad) so we did Sunday Dinner’s tonight. Please check back Saturday evening for a brand new entry. This week’s idea was courtesy of my sous chef, and it was a great sandwich!

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