Shop Update & GrilledShane Interview

It has been awhile since I posted anything new, but, I wanted to let everyone know I am most definitely still alive and kicking.

In regards to locavoreCLE, my local cheese/foods shop, I am continuing the location search. I have my eye on a specific location in a west side neighborhood but am working to insure that it is both within my budget and fits most of my needs. I will definitely keep everyone here and on the shop’s web site/social media accounts posted as I move forward.

A few months ago, maybe even longer, I received an email from the web site They were interested in interviewing me for their Expert Interview program. Not only did they ask me questions about grilled cheese but also my soon to be opened shop. After emailing back and forth, the interview is finally live for the whole world to read. Please check it out and let me know what you think, Expert Interview with Shane Kearns on the Wonders of Grilled Cheese.

Credit Shane Kearns’ mother and late grandmother for his love (or is it obsession?) with grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Using Land O’ Lakes sweet butter, they would make delicious sandwiches that I wouldn’t be able to resist,” he says. “Even when going out to eat, I tended to prefer the grilled cheese to other things on the menu.”

The founder of GrilledShane and author of Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese recently checked in with us to talk about (what else?) cheese sandwiches. Here’s what he had to say:

For now, those are the only updates. Make sure you are following locavoreCLE on Twitter and Facebook for all shop updates.

Long live grilled cheese.

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