No Sunday Dinners, But Still a Post

Tastespotting "Hearts" Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Because today was a travel day, I was just returning from Chicago, there was no Sunday Dinners. Next week I will return with a special Passover edition, which should be interesting. Even though I wasn’t cooking tonight, I still want to keep everyone posted as to the progress of this site. Plus, I haven’t written since last Sunday evening. That is too long. After awhile, the Internet begins to miss me and my grilled cheese musings! We wouldn’t want that happening.

Thanks to The Daily Spud, I heard about a site called Tastespotting, where you submit a photo of your latest cooking creation. That image links back to your blog post/article, allowing people to learn more about what creation is in the photo. And, which is never a bad thing, it gives you a place to self-promote your recipes. At this stage of the site, it needed all the self-promotion it could get. There is a competing site, FoodGawker, but I have submitted six photos to them and they have yet to accept one of them. I just think they have something against grilled cheese sandwiches. Ha.

Tastespotting: My First Image AcceptedAnyway, I visited the archives of my grilled cheese sandwiches and submitted some of the best photos to Tastespotting. The first photo they accepted was from my Valentine’s Day grilled cheese. I didn’t realize they had a section of their web site where they posted if a photo was accepted or not. I knew that this photo was approved when I saw my blog stats shoot up to levels I had not yet seen. Ever. I began to get excited. All day I continually refreshed, watching the number rise and rise and rise. I wondered what other photos I could submit.

Tastespotting Submission #2The next photo choice was my salmon sandwich, which could also be called a grilled cheese sandwich featuring salmon. Again, the blog stats showed increases never before seen. All thanks to Tastespotting, my blog was getting out there. People were beginning to visit who were not my friends, real or Facebook. I was beginning to see my hard work pay off. I was excited.

I must say that Tastespotting did not accept all of my photos, as they shouldn’t. Not all of them are winners and they must have some standards, even if I believe that all photos of grilled cheese should be accepted.

My Latest and Best Tastespotting SubmissionFinally, Friday night, when I was on vacation, I submitted a photo of one my best sandwiches yet: the egg grilled cheese. That is where the fun really began. On Saturday, according to my WordPress Blog Stats app, I had the best day ever for this blog. On that day, I had 837 hits. Yes, you read that correctly, 837. Amazing, huh? (Plus, someone “stumbled” my whole site, probably because they found my site via Tastespotting. Never a bad thing.)

Before Tastespotting, I was happy with 20ish hits a day. However, thanks to their site and my lovely grilled cheese sandwiches, I am up in the hundreds of visits. My grilled cheese love was finally permeating the Internet. Tastespotting gave me the jumping board to show people that grilled cheese sandwiches does not have to be two pieces of white bread and some american cheese…it can be whatever you want, as long as you are creative.

To those whom found me via Tastespotting, I really hope you continue to visit. This week was slow because of my vacation, but I promise that I will continue to blog about all things grilled cheese, including my own recipes, which will always have my personal touch. Oh and do not forget to check me out on Twitter and on Facebook. Right now I haven’t done much with my Facebook page, but I hope to in the future!

Again, thanks to, you have really helped my site grow more than I realized. Now, I just have to continue creating great grilled cheese sandwiches. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

5 thoughts on “No Sunday Dinners, But Still a Post”

  • Good posting Shane. I could certainly learn a few things from you about blogging. Additionally, your pictures are really making me hungry!!

  • You have a lot of comments about me today, huh? 🙂 Again, thanks so much, I really do appreciate it. However, I wouldn’t take notes just yet, I need to sustain the growth that was created by tastespotting. It will be hard, but I am up for the task. I think. *crosses fingers*

    P.S. Good luck with your blog! As long as you enjoy it, keep going with it!

  • This is pretty, and I guess I am not the only one who thinks so!!! So good for you. But as promised.There is melted cheese squeezed between toasty bread @! GREG

  • @ Daily Spud: I had just heard about grilled cheese month yesterday and am about to publish a new entry about said topic! Crazy! I did not know about the competition though, I will definitely have to enter! Maybe I might just win…:)

    @ GREG: I commented on your site but I also wanted to thank you here! Plus, I forgot to say that I love your blog and will continue to visit as long as you are around. Keep up the great work!

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