Jamie Oliver & A Mini-Rant About Fruit

Jamie Oliver & A Mini-Rant About Fruit

The other day, on Twitter, I came across the following tweet:

“We’ve got to start teaching our kids about food in schools. Period.” Jamie Oliver’s TED talk: http://bit.ly/9JKz3I

Ever since then, I have been slowly working my way through Jamie Oliver’s speech (above). Sure, the video is only 20+ minutes long, but my “ADD” does kick in here and there. I highly suggest you watch Oliver’s speech as I believe that he is 100% correct in everything that he says. He has inspired me and I am looking into ways that I may assist in achieving his goals.

With my new position as full-time cashier at the cafe, I am on the front lines of some of the issues that Jamie Oliver states. On our children’s menu we feature many meals that are served with fruit and raisins. This is a recent change that I believe to be beneficial to any child who orders from this menu. Children, no matter if they are obese or not, need [more] fruit.

The concern I have is not with the menu, it is with the parents that allow their children to avoid the fruit.

On multiple occasions, I have heard a parent ask what they could order instead of fruit because their child will not eat the fruit. When I hear this, I want to scream. Should it not be the parent who is dictating what their child eats? Do we really think a child knows what is best for themselves, especially when it comes to food? Potato chips are not a substitute for fruit; fruit is a substitute for chips!

And oh yeah, I think milk (or apple juice) may just be better than pop, but what do I know?!

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