Ingenious reservation system to be “borrowed” by me.

Ingenious reservation system to be “borrowed” by me.

As most everyone knows at this point, my dream is to open a restaurant. When this will happen is still very much in the air, but it will happen. I promise you that. Anyways, when I do finally launch, I will definitely be “borrowing” this idea; it is just too awesome to ignore.

According to WIRED, David Chang and his 12-seat restaurant, Momofuku Ko (yes, you read that right, his restaurant has only 12-seats), has created an ingenious way for people to make reservations: Everyday @ 10 am, people must go online. No VIP opportunities, no reservations by phone, nothing. You must go online if you would like to dine at Momofuku Ko.

“We wanted to try something different,” says Chang. “We didn’t want to make it for the elite.”

This is definitely one way to accomplish it.

When you have such a good reputation, Chang has already won 2 James Beard awards (the restaurant equivalent of an Oscar), and only 12-seats, you begin to create a demand problem. At only a couple minutes past 10 am, the reservations are long gone. People are even paying others to simply wait by the computer to make a reservation. Supply and demand for sure.

“You have a combination of a white-hot chef opening a new restaurant with very few seats, and a reservation system that no one has tried before,” says Ben Leventhal, editor-in-chief of restaurant blog Eater. “It created a lot of excitement.”

I have never been to NYC. I do not even know what this restaurant actually serves (snail-and-ricotta lasagna is mentioned) other than an 8-course meal for $100. I probably won’t be able to eat most of the food (Kosher? I don’t think so) and yet I still want to dine at Momofuku Ko simply because of this ingenious reservation system. I think Mr. Chang would be very happy to hear that.

Sure, I say I want to “borrow” this clever reservation system that Wired says is one of a kind, but unfortunately at this point in my restaurant career, I definitely do not have the clout of Chang. Reservations for [insert name of my future restaurant here] would definitely be available long past 10 am, but I can dream right?

One day…until then, it is time to try and obtain a reservation for Momofuku Ko. Who’s with me?

Where I Found It:
Race for Reservations Turns New York Eatery Into Net Obsession

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