How to network/promote a grilled cheese blog?

How to network/promote a grilled cheese blog?

Back in my life as a webmaster, my father dragged me to a few networking events. I sat next to him, not moving much, while my father worked the room, talked to anyone and everyone, handing them a business card even after just two seconds of conversation. That is networking. If I went to an event now, I would still be shy and reserved, even though I can be very outgoing as a cashier or server. My dad has taught me a lot but I still have so much to learn.

Fast forward to now. I am having issues promoting this blog and getting it off the ground. Sure, people visit and read but then they leave. Nothing more, nothing less. This morning I had an epiphany, realizing that I am having the same issues online that I had in real life: I have yet to figure out the art of networking. Even in a land where shyness is irrelevant, I still need to improve my networking skills. I still need to figure out the art of being bold and promoting myself.

Hopefully, sometime soon, I will have another epiphany that allows me to network like no other and bring this blog into the mainstream. It will happen, it is just a matter of time…

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