Recently, I have been thinking about the future of this blog and and my goals for it. As I have started taking culinary classes at Cuyahoga Community College, my focus has been split between reading/studying and working, leaving little time for the blog. Therefore, I have decided to take a hiatus from imagine a different world of grilled cheese allowing for time to work on relaunching with a true focus on the grilled cheese sandwich (and more study time).

I have always wanted this blog to showcase “all things grilled cheese” but have never lived up to that motto. Honestly, the only true updates I have written, and sometimes not even on a regular basis, are my “Sunday Dinners” features. They have been great, allowing me to try out new recipes and recreate ones that I have found on the internet. However, there is so much more to a grilled cheese sandwich and the grilled cheese world. With the relaunch, I will add more of a focus on cheese, as well as articles from all around the Internet. Features such as I Love Grilled Cheese and Perfectly Grilled will return with hopefully more frequency as well new features that I happen to think of.

During the hiatus, I will continue to eat grilled cheese sandwiches (many that I have created here), as should you. You can gain inspiration from my past Sunday Dinner features, which will still be here during the hiatus. Make sure to continue to follow me on Twitter & Facebook so you know when the hiatus is over and the relaunch is about to begin. Thanks so much for being a GrilledShane supporter, it is much appreciated. I hope you are excited about the future as much as I am.

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