Commenting Guidelines?

Commenting Guidelines?

The other day PaniniKathy tweeted about an article on the Food Blog Alliance entitled Comments: how to give as good as you get. It is a great article for blogger and commenter alike. I highly recommend taking two minutes to read it. After reading that article, I thought I would sit down and lay out my thoughts about blog comments.

I haven’t been at the food blogging thing for that long but I have come to one conclusion: I like when bloggers reply to my comment(s) (see: The Daily Spud). It matters to me and I do return to see if the author has acknowledged my reply. I have personally tried to respond to most everyone’s comment on this site even if I do not know if I should be responding. I am not sure if it is too over the top and actually makes my replies disingenuous. It is a conundrum that I hope to decipher.

Most of the replies on this site have been well thought out responses, not one word/one sentence replies. Readers have taken the time to formulate their thoughts so I feel like I owe them a few seconds of my time, just so that they know I have read their comment, by writing a response. If I don’t reply, I worry that people may think that I am ignoring them, which of course I am not.

Therefore, I have decided to write this article and to tell everyone that no matter if I reply or not, I have read your comment and really appreciate them. You took the time to respond to something that I wrote and that is awesome! Thank you. If you have asked a question or prompted me to reply I will definitely do so. However, if I do not really have anything to add, I will not reply, but I am not ignoring you.I just don’t want to bore everyone.

I still believe that my response rate will be up near 95% since I am a nice guy and just like writing long responses to short questions. Please continue to visit and leave comments. I will continue to smile each time I receive one. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Commenting Guidelines?”

  • And thanks for the mention (again) – as you’ve seen, I try to respond to all comments (for pretty much the same reasons you have given). Not sure if, long term, I’ll be able to keep that up but I know how nice it is when others respond to comments that I leave, so I like to do the same for others 🙂

  • You seem to do a lot of things right so that is why I always mention you! 🙂 I give you a lot of credit for being able to respond to everyone’s comment AND have something to say! I am not sure I can do that, but I will definitely try and answer any and all questions and let people know I am listening.

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