A Few Words of Thanks

A Few Words of Thanks

A week ago Sunday, I decided, last minute, to create a grilled cheese sandwich. With little time and almost no inspiration, I turned to a book called Great Grilled Cheese by Laura Werlin. That is when things changed. That evening, in my opinion, I cooked a great grilled cheese sandwich and took some of the best pictures of my short blogging career.

New Year’s Eve day, I checked my email on my iPhone and noticed that Ms. Werlin herself had written me. Me?! Really?! Nah, that couldn’t be. It actually be. I won’t post the email, but I will say that her kind words really did brighten my evening and weekend. The fact that she noticed my blog (and took the time to write) leads me to believe I am truly on the right track. I hope Ms. Werlin will continue to visit in the future.

Thank you Ms. Laura Werlin!

Then, last Saturday evening, I submitted my favorite photo of the bunch to TasteSpotting.com.

It was accepted before I could even sneeze.

The blog hits rose.

And rose.

And rose.

By the time Sunday evening/Monday morning arrived, I had shattered my previous record (~800 hits) with a new impressive total: 1,391.

Thank you TasteSpotting.com.

As I watched the hits rise on Sunday, I submitted the same photo to FoodGawker.com.

And on Monday the hits rose again.

This time they amounted to 911.

Thank you FoodGawker.com.

Even though my stats are not as high today, they are still rising thanks to another web site.

Thank you SeriousEats.com & Photograzing.SeriousEats.com.

This past week has been a record setting week for the blog, with comments slowly flying left and right. And this is all because of one grilled cheese sandwich. Amazing, huh?

Thank you to everyone that has made it happen.

I believe I am on the cusp of something great. I hope everyone will continue on the ride with me as I continue to create many original (and non-original) grilled cheese sandwiches.

P.S. Stay tuned for a new I Love Grilled Cheese feature as well as a look at who exactly is GrilledShane.

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