A Different Kind of Hiatus

A Different Kind of Hiatus

Way back in September, 2010, I took a hiatus. I took a break from the grilled cheese world. I needed to recharge my grilled cheese batteries. It definitely helped and I returned better than ever.

But here I am taking another hiatus. A different kind of hiatus. My grilled cheese batteries are fully charged, I am just busy working on something pretty exciting that I simply can’t talk about at the moment. Details will come in due time, but for now, just take my word: Its pretty awesome.

Until this second hiatus is over, please, continue to love the grilled cheese sandwich. Look around past recipes. Follow the grilled cheese world on Twitter. Like grilled cheese on Facebook. I will still be around, just not creating new sandwiches for the blog…

In the mean time, Long Live the Grilled Cheese!

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