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It has been almost 3 months since I made a new grilled cheese. November 4. 2014. Almost 3 months. That is a long time to go without making a new sandwich, especially with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah providing so much inspiration.

My attention, clearly, was and is elsewhere.

If you haven’t heard, or read, I recently made a life changing announcement: I plan to open a cheese shop right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I am in the early stages of the process, I should probably find a location, and am still working full-time, I haven’t had much time to devote to cooking yummy, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. My interest and inspiration is definitely not gone, it simply has been redirected into turning the my cheese shop vision into a reality.

Therefore, unfortunately, I am going on a grilled cheese hiatus. Don’t be sad, though. Instead of posting new grilled cheese recipes, I will be keeping you updated on all things cheese shop, with a behind the scenes look into what goes into starting a business/cheese shop. You and I can go through all the trial and tribulations together. We can learn together. We can cry together. We can celebrate together. I value your insight and advice and can’t wait to let you in on this little journey of mine. Plus, you never know, I may just make a grilled cheese here and there.

Long live cheese.

A Cheese Shop To Be Named Later.*

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow @ACheeseShopTBNL on Twitter to get instant cheese shop updates and to learn all about Ohio Cheese.

*a working name

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