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Over the past few weeks and months, I have been working diligently on selecting a shop name and designing a logo. There have been multiple names and many, many logos. That is the design process. That is the life of a designer/creative individual.

Yes, I really wanted to keep the name “A Cheese Shop To Be Named Later,” but, due to logistics, it just wouldn’t work.

Originally, I was going to name the shop “David Sterns Grocery of Cheese,” in honor of my great-grandfather’s small town grocery store. Then, it was going to be “&,” an old name I was going to use for a restaurant I wanted to open. Then, & evolved into “Cheese & CLE,” highlighting both the cheese and Cleveland based products I will carry. (You can see all of the discarded names/logos on Facebook.) While all of these names are great options, they weren’t perfect. They just didn’t cut it. They were missing something.

I started thinking about the core values of the shop. What is my hook? What sets this shop apart from everything else in Cleveland? Although the concept started as a cheese shop featuring Ohio cheeses with a minor supporting cast, it has now evolved into all things local, focusing on all things Cleveland/Ohio.

There it was, the beginnings of my name: local.

I started pondering the word local and its synonyms. Somehow “locavore” popped into my head and it wasn’t long before I had the name, locavoreCLE.

A “locavore” is, by definition, “one who eats food locally whenever possible.” By sticking to this ideal, locavoreCLE will provide the community with many great, local food, and non-food, options all in one location, supporting the many area entrepreneurs.

Local is what this shop is all about and, by placing locavore in the shop’s name, I am insuring that is front and center. By including “CLE,” I am letting the world know this is a Cleveland based business that it is proud of its heritage/roots.

As I stated in a previous blog entry:

The city of Cleveland, and, in turn, the State of Ohio, has so much to offer. This city is booming with pride and amazing entrepreneurs just waiting to be featured. “Local” and “buy local” are buzzwords that some use to attract business. Not me. “Local” is and will always be the driving force behind this shop. If it isn’t made within Ohio, I won’t stock it. If it is mass produced and I can’t pronounce the ingredients, I won’t stock it.

I was born in Cleveland. I live in Cleveland. I plan to stay in Cleveland. This city has given me so much over the many years. This shop, and everything that will come from it, is my way of saying thank you.

I am still researching possible locations within the great neighborhoods of Cleveland and will plan to keep everyone posted on the progress. (Stay tuned, of course.) But for now, I officially have a name and logo: locavoreCLE. I hope you like it as much as I do.

A web site for the shop is coming soon. In the mean time, make sure to follow the locavoreCLE on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and, for now, keep your eyes peeled to this site for all shop related news.

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