Salmon Grilled Cheese

Salmon Grilled Cheese

A few weeks after I began the Sunday Dinner Grilled Cheese meal, my mom my sous chef, suggested that we do one week with salmon. The minute she mentioned that I thought, “Yuck!” I really did not think it sounded very good. A salmon grilled cheese? No thank you. She kept suggesting it and I kept saying no. My dad even said he would try it and I still said no. That all changed one week ago today.

Salmon Grilled Cheese Ingredients: Guacamole

On Saturday’s I work at the cafe at the local Nordstrom. Last week, one of our specials was a salmon sandwich. Normally I order a tuna melt for lunch, but this week I thought I would take a chance with the salmon sandwich. It was a nice piece of salmon, with raw red onion, some sort of sauce/aioli, a green (I forget) on a roll. Surprisingly, the sandwich was very good. I usually just eat a piece of salmon by itself, not as a sandwich, so this was definitely something different. I enjoyed it so much that I suggested to my sous chef that she create her grilled cheese sandwich for this week’s Sunday Dinner. She obliged and we got to work. (Editor’s Note: We created and ate this sandwich on Friday, March 13, because my father’s birthday is on Sunday, March 15, and we are taking him out to dinner.)

Salmon Grilled Cheese Ingredients: Salmon


  • Marble Cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Pan Seared Salmon
  • Challah Rolls

With all of these grilled cheese sandwiches, we have ingredient leftovers. From our fried egg grilled cheese, we had avacado left, so we decided that that would be our third ingredient. I smushed it up, added some garlic, red onion, salt, pepper and  dab of olive oil. That is it. Simple enough, I think. Then, we seasoned the salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper and pan seared it with special butter and some more olive oil. We flipped it here and there until it was about medium. Finally, since I liked the challah rolls so much on the Nordstrom sandwich, we used those.

Salmon Grilled Cheese Ingredients: Marble Cheese

When rating this grilled cheese, you must ignore the debate of whether this was a salmon sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich and just focus on the ingredients. This was a great grilled cheese no matter what you classify it as. If you like salmon and/or avacados you would love this grilled cheese. Upon finishing this sandwich, I was full but not in a content way.

Salmon Grilled Cheese Ingredients: Salmon

When I created my not so great grilled cheese, the grilled cheese and more specifically bread, sat in my stomach like a lump of coal for hours. It was horrible and one of the reasons it was so bad. This grilled cheese was exactly opposite.

If you have some salmon, cheese (any kind, really) and avocado, I highly suggest you try this.

the grilled cheese:

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salmon grilled cheese: A

First, I must ask you if you think this is a salmon sandwich or a grilled cheese with salmon? Let me know your thoughts in the section below.

Now onto my thoughts. Originally I was a wuss, but I am glad that I wised up and allowed my sous chef to suggest and cook this grilled cheese. I would say that this is definitely up there with some of the best grilled cheeses we have done so far. It will be tough to follow this one next Sunday, March 22.

P.S. I think I am much harder on myself than on other people.

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4 thoughts on “Salmon Grilled Cheese”

  • This looks quite good. I will certainly have to try it some time! Looking at the green of the guac, I am wondering if you could perhaps also try replacing the guac with a good spread of pesto, although that would probably be better if you toasted the challah a bit. Or maybe even finishing this off with a short press on a panini grill thing for just a bit of crispyness.

    Either way, the pics make it look great!

  • I am very intrigued by this! I have GOT to try it. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Salmon sandwich. Salmon is too good a fish to be seconded by cheese.

  • Thanks so much for visiting, Camille! Hopefully you stop by often! If you do try to cook this sandwich, definitely let me know what you think. Something different. 🙂

    P.S. Sandwich vs. Grilled Cheese is definitely a debate that will continue as long as this blog is around.

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