Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese

I created this grilled cheese over a week ago, but have been busy traveling to NY for business and then trying to recover. Only now have I had a second to sit down and write down so please enjoy. Prior to starting though, I must say, I need to mention grilled cheese sandwich a lot more in my blog titles and in the content. (Honestly, my blog titles need to be a lot more creative and engaging but that is a whole different story.) I want people to find me via Google, right? Right. Therefore, if I don’t mention grilled cheese sandwich that often, how will Google, or Mr. Cook looking for an awesome grilled cheese sandwich located within this blog’s pages? They won’t. So I will now be mentioning grilled cheese sandwich a bit more. Please let me know if I over do it. I have a tendency to do that. Now onto the sandwich, featuring an everything bagel and shiitake mushrooms. Please keep in mind, I ate this grilled cheese over a week ago so my words may be few and far between.


  • Murray Bridge Australian Cheddar
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Everything Bagel (aka Mish-Mosh Bagel)

Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese: Murray Bridge Australian Cheddar

the cheese: sharp cheddar

When thinking about what to write about this cheese, I decided once and for all to discover the different between white and yellow cheddar cheese. Here is a somewhat official answer:

Coloring was originally added to distinguish where the cheddar was made. (Yellow cheeses derive their color from an additive.) Cheddars made in the New England states—including Cabot Cheddar made in Vermont—traditionally do not contain color additives, retaining the natural white color. (Courtesy Cabot Cheese)

Oddly enough, there isn’t much information regarding the debate over white vs. yellow cheddar cheese. I am somewhat disappointed. Either way, cheddar cheese is one of my favorite cheeses. I actually thought white cheddar cheese was my favorite but looks like that little adjective means absolutely nothing. Therefore, I must just say cheddar cheese is awesome and this particular type was no different.

Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese: Mish Mosh/Everything Bagel


Earlier in the day the folks and I were out at a local deli, having an awesome lunch. Actually, it was more of brunch as everyone ordered breakfast, with my dad and I both ordering an everything bagel. We both loved our meals but really enjoyed our bagels as well and made that thought known to the table. Then, when we all were walking out, mom and I had the great idea of buying a few extra bagels to use for that nights Sunday Dinner, this nights grilled cheese sandwich. It would be the featured ingredient. It was a great idea. Bagels in general are awesome but this bagel, an everything bagel, was very yummy.

Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese: Shiitake Mushrooms

The only other ingredient in this grilled cheese sandwich was shiitake mushrooms. I figure we have used “normal mushrooms” in the past so why not spice it up? Use something a bit different? That is why I went with the shiitake mushrooms.

Everything Bagel & Mushroom Grilled Cheese: Shiitake Mushrooms Cooking

All I did was saute the shiitake mushrooms in a pan with some salt and olive oil until they began to soften. That was really it. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was perfect in my opinion. The mushrooms smelled and tasted fantastic. They actually had a buttery texture/taste which was a nice surprise.

the grilled cheese:

everything bagel & mushroom grilled cheese: A-/B+

This grilled cheese sandwich was good but it was not great. My main complaint was how the cheese and mushrooms played together. I either did not include enough mushrooms in the sandwich or the cheese was just too overpowering, making the mushrooms all but invisible. However, I loved the everything bagel as the piece holding the sandwich together. If I were to create this grilled cheese again, I would choose a more mild cheese that would allow the mushrooms more room to breathe.

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