Daily Grilled Cheese Roundup: A Toaster GC, Jalapeno’s, Win Cheese…

Daily Grilled Cheese Roundup: A Toaster GC, Jalapeno’s, Win Cheese…

Currently, whenever I find any interesting grilled cheese news/recipes/etc, I simply post them to GrilledShane’s Facebook page and call it a day, totally ignoring the blog. However, that is not how it should be. This blog should not be only about my own personal grilled cheese creations, it should be “all things grilled cheese.” From now on, instead of posting each individual item I stumble on only on Facebook, I will be posting roundups right here that highlight that day (or weeks) interesting grilled cheese web finds. I hope for this to be a regular feature, as long as I have the content. If you find anything grilled cheese related that you would like to share, either post it on the Facebook page or email me at grilledcheese [at] grilledshane.com. Thanks! Long live the grilled cheese!

Lunch Tip from Jamie Oliver: Toaster Cheese Sandwiches

Lunch Tip from Jamie Oliver: Toaster Cheese Sandwiches

(courtesy TheKitchn and my friend Adam)

This tip actually comes from an early episode of Jamie’s Kitchen, the British documentary where Jamie trains a group of unemployed, under-educated youths to run one of his restaurants. In the episode, Jamie is making a meal for his family before heading off to train his young chefs.

He casually flips his two-slot toaster on its side and slides a piece of bread with sliced cheese into the bottom slot while the top slot toasts another plain slice. Three minutes later, he has a grilled cheese sandwich with far less fuss than I’ve ever made one…

I don’t have a toaster, anywhere in the house, but if I did, I would definitely try this out. What do you think? Do you truly think this would work? Would it be as good as a grilled cheese?

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

(courtesy SimplyScratch)

I know your thinking ‘She just posted a grilled sandwich recipe just a few weeks ago”…. but this isn’t your typical grilled sandwich. It’s a jalapeno popper… but in grilled cheese form. And I just couldn’t wait to share it!

Slice in half and serve… warm… with a beer. Or a glass of milk… these can be a bit spicy. My hubby LoVeD this sandwich, and so did I! I’m not sure what if I loved more… the mildly spicy peppers, the gooey cheese or the crispy bread! You decide… and let me know! Enjoy!!…

Mmmmm. I have only had jalapeno poppers a couple of times, but each time, I loved them. A grilled cheese with a kick is never a bad thing. I will definitely need to try this.

Caribou Coffee Now Serves Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Caribou Coffee Now Serves Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

(photo courtesy my friend Emily, taken at Caribou Coffee)

Try one of our tasty new Grown-up Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Click here for a list of participating Caribou locations.

  • Three Cheese Classic– Wisconsin cheddar, monterey jack, & fontina on sliced Brioche
  • Gouda Turkey Pesto– Smoked gouda & fontina with roast turkey, caramelized onions, & arugula pesto on sourdough
  • Italian Chicken Melt– Mozzarella & asiago with grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, & basil pesto on multigrain
  • Aged Cheddar Roast– Vermont white cheddar with roast beef, caramelized onions, & garlic spread on sourdough

As someone who keeps Kosher, I can only eat the Three Cheese Classic, but it is still great to see a coffee house serve grown-up grilled cheese. Which one would you try?

Fall Giveaway: Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese and more!

Fall Giveaway: Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese and more!

(courtesy Culture Cheese Magazine)

Enter to win Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese, among other things. Sounds like a good deal to me, yes?

Why Is Willie Nelson Covering Coldplay for Chipotle? [VIDEO]

(courtesy Mashable)

A new animated video shows the merits of sustainable farming with some cute visuals and a Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”

The video, called “Back to the Start,” tells the story of an adorable farmer who turns his organic farm into a huge factory farm only to realize the error of his ways. The message: Industry and science are hurting the animals and food that we eat.

Chipotle sponsored the video to show the importance of sustainable food and also to emphasize its focus on natural, organic products in its restaurants. The video will appear in movie theaters, and the cover song will also be sold in iTunes with $0.60 of each download going to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which supports sustainable agriculture and education…

Personally, I am not sure I like Willie Nelson’s version of a very good Coldplay song, but I do love the video and the meaning behind it. Although Chipotle‘s founder Steve Ells bugged the hell out of me on America’s Next Great Restaurant, his company does seem to get it.

Tech’s next industry trend: Grilled cheese?

(courtesy CNN.com)

San Francisco (CNN) — While much of the technology industry scrambles to embrace tablets as the next big thing, veteran Jonathan Kaplan is applying his tech savvy to a completely different market: grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Even stranger than that? He’s not alone.

On Tuesday, the inventor of the Flip video camera opened the Melt, the first of a proposed chain of grilled-cheese restaurants, in the hip San Francisco neighborhood called SoMa, or South of Market…

Who knows if a grilled cheese cooked and ready in two-minutes would actually be good? Have you been to The Melt yet? Is it good? What are your thoughts?

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