The World of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: How to Monetize It?

When I decided to create a new grilled cheese sandwich each and every Sunday, I stumbled upon something. I found a project that combined all of my loves (photography, cooking, web/design) into one grandiose idea. I had been thinking of how to do that for years and here, out of nowhere, it just popped into […]

The History of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Since the history of the actual grilled cheese sandwich is limited, let me start with the history of just the sandwich. As is the case with most ancient foods, pinpointing a date or time when something is created is difficult. In terms of the sandwich, there are references to bread being eaten with other food […]

Some Housekeeping/Self-Promotion Stuff

Well, I have gone to the dark side; I have finally joined twitter. Sure I am not really sure how it works, or how often I will use it, but I thought I could promote imagine on it. If you are already a member, feel free to follow me or you can read my tweets […]

There may not be many (any) grilled cheese blogs…

…but there are plenty of good (great) cooking blogs, covering all types of foods. I am on the hunt for the perfect cooking blog(s). My theory is that I need to contribute to the community before the community will contribute to me or my blog. If I comment on other blogs, while learning something in […]

The Internet and Grilled Cheese

I am very disappointed in the Internet. Very, very disappointed. In a search for other grilled cheese related blogs, I did a search using Google BlogSearch, hoping to find other sites promoting all things grilled cheese. If my Sunday Dinner idea is going to take off beyond just my core group of real friends and […]

Ingenious reservation system to be “borrowed” by me.

As most everyone knows at this point, my dream is to open a restaurant. When this will happen is still very much in the air, but it will happen. I promise you that. Anyways, when I do finally launch, I will definitely be “borrowing” this idea; it is just too awesome to ignore. According to […]