Google Alerts adds 100% more grilled cheese to GrilledShane.

I think you should now either follow me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook because if you haven’t, you are missing out, thanks to Google Alerts. I have just signed up to receive daily “grilled cheese” Google Alerts that inform me of every mention of “grilled cheese” on the Internet, including blog entries, news items […]

My Submission to NPR’s “Save the Deli” Feature

Ever since 2002, I have been a big fan of NPR. How can you not be?! I have a 45 minute commute so I am able to listen for awhile and hear some great stories on both Morning Ediition and All Things Considered. After reading, and tweeting, the New York Times article At Jewish Delis, […]

Why do you blog [about food]?

Recently, as I have been reading more and more food blogs, I began to wonder why each person has started their individual [food] blog. I want to know what makes you create recipes, cook, photograph and then blog about the final dish? Is it as simple as a passion for food and cooking? Does it […]

My Peppers

I thought I would share, with you, some photos of my peppers that are currently growing in our backyard garden. Some of these photos were taken earlier this morning, while the rest were taken sometime this past week. When I have a place of my own, I hope to continue this tradition, with many more […]

A Quickie: Even NPR Loves Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

NPR recently posted a new blog entry for their Kitchen Window series and it just happens to feature the wonderful grilled cheese sandwich. Yum! This blog post would have been great when I was writing my History of Grilled Cheese Sandwich entry, but oh well. Besides the wonderful recipes that NPR and Susan Russo suggest, […]

Mother's Day

I Think Today Is Mother’s Day

I hear that today is Mother’s Day and as a son, I should be doing something special for my mother. That is the yearly ritual, right? As if I don’t appreciate my mom the other 364 days of the year, today I am supposed to make sure I display it overtly so all can see. […]

Commenting Guidelines?

The other day PaniniKathy tweeted about an article on the Food Blog Alliance entitled Comments: how to give as good as you get. It is a great article for blogger and commenter alike. I highly recommend taking two minutes to read it. After reading that article, I thought I would sit down and lay out […]

What?! April is National Grilled Cheese Month?!

Not until I recieved an email from Kathi @ panini happy (and a comment from the Daily Spud) did I know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month. How is that possible? How did the grilled cheese man not know that April is Grilled Cheese Month?! Readers, you have failed me by not cluing me […]

No Sunday Dinners, But Still a Post

Because today was a travel day, I was just returning from Chicago, there was no Sunday Dinners. Next week I will return with a special Passover edition, which should be interesting. Even though I wasn’t cooking tonight, I still want to keep everyone posted as to the progress of this site. Plus, I haven’t written […]