Grilled Cheese Academy! Wisconsin Cheese Blog!
Contest! Prizes!

Readers, I have some great news for both myself and you: a guest blog and a contest with great prizes. Are you excited? You should be. Read on for all the details. Wisconsin Cheese has a new blog,, and I am their first guest blogger with an entry about the Grilled Cheese Academy’s The […]

No Sunday Dinners, It Is Mother’s Day

Please make sure to head over to last year’s post to read all my thanks for my mother. And happy mother’s day to all the awesome mothers out there in blog land! Have a great day with your family. I will see you back here tomorrow, Monday, with a brand new, exciting blog post!

The Lockview’s First Annual Grilled Cheese Festival

This past Saturday evening, I attended The Lockview’s First Annual Grilled Cheese Festival with the sous chef and sous chef’s husband. I had heard of The Lockview but never visited nor had I really investigated their menu (PDF). All I knew was that they loved grilled cheese as much as I do so once I […]

How To Cook A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recently, I received an email from a visitor who asked a very simple question: What is your favorite method to cook grilled cheese sandwiches? I wanted to reply right away but I did not know how to quickly answer the question. There is not an easy way to do so. The common method is of […]

2010 Grilled Cheese Invitational: I should go.

April 24, 2010 12:00pm – 6:00pm Downtown Los Angeles, CA When I first became involved in grilled cheese sandwiches, a little over a year ago, I knew very little about the sandwich’s culture in this country. I knew nothing about the Grilled Cheese Invitational. That has all changed with time. I now realize how awesome […]

Jamie Oliver & A Mini-Rant About Fruit

The other day, on Twitter, I came across the following tweet: “We’ve got to start teaching our kids about food in schools. Period.” Jamie Oliver’s TED talk: Ever since then, I have been slowly working my way through Jamie Oliver’s speech (above). Sure, the video is only 20+ minutes long, but my “ADD” does […]

Staging: Learning the Food Industry From the Inside

As I have been writing recently, I am now knee deep into the restaurant industry after leaving my webmaster position. Right now, that simply means me working full-time at the Cafe @ Nordstrom. I am trying to learn as much as I can there as well as gain outside perspectives within the food industry. Last […]

A Few Words of Thanks

A week ago Sunday, I decided, last minute, to create a grilled cheese sandwich. With little time and almost no inspiration, I turned to a book called Great Grilled Cheese by Laura Werlin. That is when things changed. That evening, in my opinion, I cooked a great grilled cheese sandwich and took some of the […]