Time: Grilled Cheese Should Be Made by Moms, Not Restaurants

Time: Grilled Cheese Should Be Made by Moms, Not Restaurants

But the problem with a restaurant serving grilled cheese is that the sandwich is too simple. It has three elements — white bread, American cheese and margarine — which are generally held in low esteem by the sandwich-buying public even though these ingredients come together in an amazing bite, simultaneously crisp and soft, double-buttery and […]

Food is in my blood…and my tummy.

This past weekend I traveled to the wonderful city of Chicago for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan music festival. I have been hooked on Dave Matthews Band (DMB) ever since 1998 when I heard my sister play Ants Marching on her stereo. I have gone to at least one DMB show a year since that moment […]

Ultimate Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest Winner

The last time I ran a contest, I only had two submissions. They were great submissions but only two, leading me to be somewhat disappointed. When Sargento contacted me regarding a new contest, I was somewhat worried that, again, I would only receive a couple recipes, leading to more disappointment. Boy was I wrong. 8 […]

Ultimate Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest

As a kid, a grilled cheese sandwich, bowl of tomato soup and glass of milk made for the ultimate meal. How can we still enjoy this classic childhood favorite as a grown up while ditching the mundane, processed ingredients of our youth? During the month of April, Sargento is celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month by […]

a look back…

On January 4, 2009, I started blogging about grilled cheese sandwiches and began my fascination with this amazing sandwich. It has been 70 sandwiches and counting, with no plans to slow down. It all began with wanting to improve my cooking skills and to create a list of many very, very good grilled cheese sandwiches […]

How to network/promote a grilled cheese blog?

Back in my life as a webmaster, my father dragged me to a few networking events. I sat next to him, not moving much, while my father worked the room, talked to anyone and everyone, handing them a business card even after just two seconds of conversation. That is networking. If I went to an […]

Welcome to the all new grilledshane.com

I am finally ready to unveil the all new grilledshane.com, a continuation and improvement on the imagine a different world of grilled cheese blog. Ever since my friend Kyle gave me the nickname of grilledshane, I had been pondering moving the blog to grilledshane.com but never pulled the trigger. Now, thanks to HostRocket.com and their […]


Recently, I have been thinking about the future of this blog and and my goals for it. As I have started taking culinary classes at Cuyahoga Community College, my focus has been split between reading/studying and working, leaving little time for the blog. Therefore, I have decided to take a hiatus from imagine a different […]

FeelGood World: Changing the world one grilled cheese at a time.

FeelGood World is a program that transforms students into life-long social entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens – a.k.a. “changemakers.” Our mission: End world hunger in our lifetime. Our process is simple: a grilled cheese sandwich. FeelGood empowers college students to run non-profit Delis on their campuses, specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. At these FeelGood Delis, […]