The Grass is Greener

The grass is greener.

On this blog, I hardly ever post about my life outside the grilled cheese sandwich. My job and personal life are only mentioned if they are involved in a larger story regarding the grilled cheese (such as a book signing). I purposefully keep my work life separate. I have my grilled cheese interest and everything […]

A GrilledShane Year In Review + Contest

Never before have I done a “year in review” post. Never before have I had a year like this past year. 2012. So much has happened, while at  the same time, so much has not happened. It has been a year that began with promise and finished with a fulfilled GrilledShane. New grilled cheese sandwiches […]

A Little Wine With Your Cheese?

Below is a guest post courtesy of MissWineOH and part of the Ohio Blogging Association‘s Blog Swap. Please enjoy… When I realized the Shane I’d been swapped with was GrilledShane– I was more than excited to pair some great wines with his innovative grilled cheese creations. We are big cheese hounds at MissWineOH. Many thanks to Shane for […]

GrilledShane’s Big Announcement

Back on December 12, as I was pulling into work, I received an email with the subject of “Interest in a grilled cheese book?”. At first, I didn’t know what to think. However, once I actually read the email, my mouth hit the floor. A publishing company was seriously interested in me being the author […]

A Different Kind of Hiatus

A Different Kind of Hiatus

Way back in September, 2010, I took a hiatus. I took a break from the grilled cheese world. I needed to recharge my grilled cheese batteries. It definitely helped and I returned better than ever. But here I am taking another hiatus. A different kind of hiatus. My grilled cheese batteries are fully charged, I […]

Grilled Cheese Directory

Introducing the Grilled Cheese Directory

Happy new year to all the grilled cheese loves out there. Hope you had a great and safe holiday and were able to spend it with family and friends. With a new year, comes new endeavors. If you are a follower of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you might have already heard about this new […]